How to Open Blocked Site Using Web Proxy Very Simple!

A lot of school, college, office and government sometimes have rules to restrict couple of websites, for example facebook, google, twitter, myspace, etc for being accessed.

To bypass the restriction, we need proxies, in this example web proxy. To use web proxy, is quite simple, we can open one proxy site such as Fast Proxy Web, then type the URL on the box that given and click Go!. Web proxy will load the restricted site immediately.

You will have access to all sites that restricted by your school, government, college, etc.

There are some features if you want to adjust in web proxy, such as Encrypt URL, Allow Cookies, Encrypt Page, Remove Scripts to suit your need.

How to Open Blocked Site Using Web Proxy Very Simple!

What is a Web Proxy? Why is it exist?

Web proxy is a simple website which grabs URL as users type, triggering a request on behalf of the users to the desired URL and then comeback to its content to the users. Because the web proxy sends the request to the URL the website which is visited will only record the ip address of the proxy and not of the client. This can allow the users to surf anonymously and protects the privacy of the users.

The benefits of web proxies

Web proxies advantage is not only to hide your ip address but also give some additional features to improve in surfing the web and protect the privacy of users at various levels.Some features include:-

Be able to to switch your user agent (also know as your browser type -like Mozilla Firefox).
Be able to delete cookies that the proxy receive gain from the target website to increase your safety

Be able to open video streaming sites and ability to bypass restriction videos on sites such as Youtube , Dailymotion.
Some proxies also offer SSL protection by default.HTTPS makes its harder for web filters to block the proxy and fully encrypt your connection
Automatic removal of advertisements on the targeted website.

What is a Web Proxy? Why is it exist?